About this module
This module provides a basic understanding of the importance of maintaining clear airways and the essential knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to respiratory conditions. You will explore various respiratory conditions, including asthma and choking, to comprehend how to identify and respond to these emergencies.
About the author
This module is created by Kognent in conjunction with industry professionals and subject matter experts to provide an optimal learning experience and effective learning outcomes.
Emergency and Critical Care Service
Emergency and Critical Care Services has teamed up with Kognent to develop first aid and medical training to help prepare your team for effective responses in crucial situations.
Learning outcomes
  • understand workplace first aid procedures
  • define the roles and responsibilities of first aiders
  • recognise common signs and symptoms of respiratory distress and emergencies
  • know how to assess breathing and airway status accurately
  • understand the appropriate first aid actions for various respiratory conditions
  • know how to apply appropriate methods to manage severe bleeding
  • understand the practical skills for life-saving interventions, such as rescue breaths, back blows and chest thrusts.
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Dustin Bennett
Principle Occupational Hygienist
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We partner with Kognent to develop training products including eLearning and video-based resources ready for market. A key benefit of working with Kognent is their ability to take complicated technical concepts and translate them into plain language that is easy to understand for any learner.
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Stewart Anderson
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We’re a small team spread out over multiple locations, by using Kognent we have been able to get our people to complete their training online has made learning and development easier for us.
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Scott Pirie
Transport Compliance Manager
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We engaged Kognent to develop our Chain of Responsibility training program which consisted of twelve eLearning modules. The team were diligent with their research and understanding of the subject, and the outputs were engaging and easy to consume eLearning modules – delivered quickly and with ease.
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