The kognent way
Who we are
We're a passionate team driven by user experience, quality in-house design and development, and continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on our personable and open-minded approach, and enjoy a bit of fun along the way.
Not just business
Behind the scenes
Founded in 2018 with a passion for creating engaging learning experiences, we're all about balancing work and play to make everyday a little more fun.
To our core
Our values
These are the values that guide Kognent’s actions and underpin our decision-making processes. Uncompromising, they define our every move.
Judge us by the company we keep and the reputation we uphold.
We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients, our customers, and to each other.
We’re proud of the work we do, the relationships we have, and the standards we set.
Our unique point of difference is our fun and personable approach. We lead with people first.
We celebrate who we are and what we know without being afraid to embrace iteration and make changes.
Meet the people
Our team
Ben Jones
A two-lunch-a-day kind of guy, Defender enthusiast and headbanger for life.
Ben Thorne
Product Developer
Gardening guru, kickboxing king, sailing savant, home-renovation wizard, and chief nerd.
Chris de Wet
Marketing and Comms
Dad of one, sibling of two, favourite child of all. Managing the mood with his dulcet tones.
Haylee Buswell
Digital Designer & Illustrator
Jetsetter with a K-pop beat, doodling the world's cutest adventures!
Izabela Gontijo
Learning Designer
Learning Designer by profession, party-rocking cliff-faller by accident.
Joe Carabini
Learning Designer
Professional writer, natural ginger, on loan from Tottenham Hotspur F.C.  
Josh Roberts
Video & Motion Graphics
Dodging lava, lifting weights, and turning everyday moments into classic clips.
Michael de Wet
Digital Designer
"Things just make sense when you relate them to the keys" ~ everything has a piano analogy.
Terry Crick
Chip-and-gravy connoisseur by day and 'used to be a cyclist' by night; dad... all the time.
Zaq del Rae
3D Visualisation
Rare comic book holder and nerd extremo in calisthenics, kung fu & skateboarding.
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Join the team

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