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Our expertise, your way

Learning for all kinds of teams

Our expertly crafted training libraries make team learning a breeze with topics to suit any business, and our modules are LMS-ready whether you use our platform or your own.
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Learning tailored for your team

Don’t reinvent the wheel. With contextualisation and white labelling, our tailored modules seamlessly integrate with your team using custom characters, branding and content.
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Learning made for your team

Need something entirely unique? The world is your oyster with custom learning development designed to solve learners’ needs and meet your training goals.
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The kognent way

Who we are

We're a passionate team driven by user experience, quality in-house design and development, and continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on our personable and open-minded approach, and enjoy a bit of fun along the way.


Proudly based on the Sunshine Coast, we create user-driven learning experiences to captivate learners and increase engagement.

Learning specialists

With over 50 years of combined expertise, we are leaders in online learning, providing cutting-edge solutions and unrivalled knowledge.

Proud partners

We partner with subject matter experts to deliver content on a range of topics with centralised messaging built in-house.

Continuously improving

Our rigorous release schedules mean we always keep our content fresh, accurate and aligned with evolving trends.
Designed for the future

Unlock the power of effective training and embrace dynamic learning experiences

Feedback mechanisms

Constructive assessment feedback to understand learners' strengths and areas for improvement.

Reviewed regularly

Regularly updated course content based on feedback and industry changes to ensure relevance.

Extended training

Providing additional reading materials, articles, and links to external content to enrich learning.

Interactive & engaging

Interactive activities and short-form videos make learning a breeze to improve knowledge retention.
Learning library

A range of libraries and topics to suit any business

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Empower your team

Have it all with our learning subscriptions

Expand your training library with a huge selection of curated courses from a range of industries with our learning subscriptions.

Stay up-to-date

Never miss a thing with automatic updates on content, visuals and compliance requirements.

New module access

Evolve your team and continue training with new modules every month.

Tailored to your team

Work the way you want to with visibility settings for learners and groups.