Engage with industry stakeholders when developing your product

The importance of engaging with stakeholders and subject matter experts during the development of our training.
August 28, 2019

When we started our journey to develop Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training, we knew we needed to engage with stakeholders and subject matter experts - but not just those in the Transport Industry.

CoR is a comprehensive piece of legislation that was developed to reduce risk and improve the safety of heavy vehicle transport activities in Australia. CoR legislation affects most organisations in most industries; people just aren’t aware of it.

As with developing any product, there’s always (well, there should be!), a process of validation.

The conversations we had during our validation process revealed that many industries and stakeholders need this training, but have specific industry requirements to consider. We continued to be referred to more SME’s and stakeholders - so we kept adding them to our ‘industry-panel’. The valuable expertise we gathered meant every iteration of our 13 training modules was an improvement on the last.

Anyone who has been involved in developing a product will probably attest to the fact you get an enormous influx of feedback once you have ‘released’ the product to your target users.  In fact, since our first release earlier this year, we've had a further five releases to include feedback from our users and industry peers (with more iterations to come!).

Harnessing the individuality of our clients' businesses can further enhance the impact of our CoR product. We developed a system to easily contextualise the modules to suit our clients’ needs.  This system also allows our clients to receive updated versions of the training, keeping their learners up to date with any changes.

The process of collaborating with a large group does come with its challenges. It can feel like a lot of effort, but the final product and strong relationships we have developed definitely made it worthwhile. In short, to anyone developing a product - the more input you can get, the better your product will be.

What’s next for us? More products, more SME’s, more stakeholders, more friendships!


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